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  • How trust may undo Bitcoin

    NONE of Bitcoin's recent troubles - technological glitches and the collapse of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, MtGox, the departure of key figures from the Bitcoin Foundation - has struck me as...

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  • A Ponzi is born every week

    USING the money that was rolling in from investors, Scott Rothstein, a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, bought his wife, Kimberly, more than US$1 million in jewellery, including an opulent...

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  • From stocks to farmland, all's booming or bubbling

    [NEW YORK] In Spain, where there was a debt crisis just two years ago, investors are so eager to buy the government's bonds that they recently accepted the lowest interest rates since 1789.

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  • Foreign investors bullish on Indian shares, pay premium

    [MUMBAI] International demand for Indian equities is so strong that foreign-ownership limits have been breached at 17 of the biggest listed companies, and the premium paid for those shares is surging.

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  • Do hedge funds deserve the fees?

    THE majority of hedge fund managers do not deserve the fees they charge, says Unigestion chairman Bernard Sabrier.

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  • Property weighs down S'pore stocks: UBS

    UBS has called an underweight on Singapore equities, which are seen to be weighed down by concerns over a weak property sector and a tight labour market.

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  • Japan's seniors a boost for Asian bonds

    [SINGAPORE] Asian bonds are reaping the benefits of Japan's ageing population like never before.

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  • Decoding of bond secrets puzzles Wall St

    AFTER travelling to Memphis, Tennessee, pay respects to Elvis Presley at Graceland, then take a short drive to FTN Financial to partake in some of the best bond-market advice to be found anywhere.

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  • Strong fundamentals driving Asean bourses

    ASEAN markets have bounced back and are among the top performers so far this year, having been hit hard in the second half of 2013 by concerns over the impact of asset purchase tapering by the US...

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  • Averting disputes over inheritance

    [NEW YORK] KATE's father died when she was in college, but she stayed close to his side of the family. Although she moved to North Carolina after graduation, she and her three siblings returned to...

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  • Gold euphoria unlikely to last

    [NEW YORK] AFTER the biggest gold slump in three decades left investors heartbroken, they're following Taylor Swift's advice and never, ever getting back together. Janet Yellen, the one person able...

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  • Betting on art as a better investment

    T HE main thing that's driving the growth of the art market is the demand for a good investment for the very rich, art adviser Todd Levin said.

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  • Avoiding a tax that they support

    [WASHINGTON] BILL and Hillary Clinton have long supported an estate tax to prevent the US from being dominated by inherited wealth. That does not mean that they want to pay it. To reduce the tax...

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  • Thai stocks too expensive: fund managers

    [BANGKOK] Two of Thailand's biggest money managers say the surge in stocks that sent the benchmark SET Index into a bull market on Monday has gone too far, too fast.

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  • Bond rally masks apprehension

    New York

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  • Big financing demand from HNWIs

    ASIA's ultra wealthy may sit on tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in investible assets, but financing remains a key demand. Credit Suisse is finding that clients who are high net worth...

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  • Opportunities aplenty in frontier markets

    DESPITE uncertainty in financial markets, the case for frontier markets remains strong. Frontier markets' (FMs) stock markets are now trading at a premium to the more developed emerging markets...

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  • UK, Germany top foreign investment ranking: study

    [PARIS] Britain and Germany topped an annual ranking of foreign investment projects in Europe while France lagged behind though its numbers were on the rise, a study showed yesterday.

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  • Women's say in family businesses

    ASIAN societies have taken great strides towards educating and offering opportunities to women. But when it comes to the often emotional issue of wealth succession and distribution, wealth owners...

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  • Some wines are too good to drink

    MANY people who collect fine wine talk about it as an investment. But is something that pairs nicely with rack of lamb really an investment - or just a way to justify paying tens of thousands of...

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