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  • Asian investors need to keep eurozone enthusiasm in check

    IN the first six months, our Asian-based clients expressed increasing interest in eurozone stocks and debt as eurozone members emerged from recession. In the past few months, however, the economic...

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  • Benefits and limitations of diversification

    ASSET-CLASS performance so far in 2014 contrasts with performance in 2013 and also helps illustrate the importance of diversification for investors. Those markets which did very well last year, such...

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  • Investors caught off-guard in surprise bond rally

    WHAT a difference a month makes in the bond market.

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  • Investors start chasing Europe's distressed assets


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  • Lack of SEA long bond sales irks insurers


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  • High-yield assets are in, gold is out

    AS the US dollar's strength continues to gather momentum, it's inspiring Asian investors to seek high-yielding assets, while pushing the price of gold to lows not seen in almost a year. Once the...

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  • The lingering legacy of Pimco's co-founder

    New York

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  • Allure of Alibaba is in headline numbers

    On Friday, when the Alibaba Group starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange, many people may be asking, "Ali who?" Professional investors, of course, already know that Alibaba is a fast-growing...

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  • Young Japanese show no interest in stocks

    [TOKYO] History is working against Japan's government as it seeks to convince a new generation of investors that equities are the best bet for funding retirement.

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  • What will life after zero look like?

    RISK assets are grinding higher and volatility is extraordinarily low. Nominal economic growth is subdued (but rising) and monetary stimulus still plentiful. What are the implications of the first...

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  • Balance in bearing risk and reaping returns

    EVOLVING, volatile markets with heightened event risks are driving financial advisers to find more innovative strategies that would strike a better balance between risk and return.

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  • Good tutorial on retirement planning

    PRIME Minister Lee Hsien Loong made an excellent Retirement Planning 101 presentation to a national audience on TV last Sunday. It is challenging enough for an adviser to explain the intricacies of...

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  • Nikko to base multi-asset team in S'pore

    NIKKO Asset Management has picked Singapore as the base for its global multi-asset solutions capability, citing the "maturation" of the asset management industry here.

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  • Bitcoin on a downswing, hits lowest since May

    [NEW YORK] Bitcoin's price has been known to surge, but lately it has been in a bit of a slump. On Monday, the price of bitcoin dropped nearly 12 per cent, to US$435.60 from US$492.95, according to...

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  • HK-Shanghai stock gaps to disappear

    [SHANGHAI] THE days of paying different prices for the same stock in Hong Kong and Shanghai are numbered, according to Morgan Stanley.

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  • Rise of a Chinese investment bank

    [HONG KONG] WHEN Alan Guo was chief strategist at Google China, he would occasionally have leisurely conversations with Fan Bao, a Beijing banker, exchanging ideas about the future of the Internet...

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  • M&A boom: sign of golden years ahead?

    SOMETHING big is happening on Wall Street that is making investment bankers richer. It is also supposed to signal better times ahead for the rest of the United States.

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  • Golden times for equity investors

    TWO decades ago the notion of a Goldilocks economy was very much in vogue. It was a snappy way of saying that the economy was growing at a nice, steady pace - fast enough to create jobs but not so...

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  • Pimco funds making way back on top

    BILL Gross promised in May that funds managed by his Pacific Investment Management Co (Pimco) would be back on top by the end of the year. So far, his prediction is looking good - unless you count...

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  • Interest in funds returning

    INVESTORS have tapped funds as investment vehicles for decades, but their penetration among high net worth individuals may be lower than you might expect.

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