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  • Affluent prioritise life balance, health 23 Oct 2013

    ACHIEVING greater work-life balance and keeping fit are priorities for high-income earners in Singapore and in markets in the Asia-Pacific...
  • Planning the rest of your life 07 Oct 2013

    WHEN thinking about the little question of how to live for the rest of your life, numbers can loom large, especially if you're not born...
  • Singapore consumers' credit scores improve 24 Sep 2013

    [SINGAPORE] The credit scores of consumers here have improved from a year ago even as they borrowed more, says Credit Bureau Singapore...
  • A primer on personal loans 23 Sep 2013

    THERE are two types of personal loans: term loans, and lines of credit. Both are useful, but the structure and pricing are different...
  • Digging deeper into the PE ratio 26 Aug 2013

    SOME time ago, a friend told me: "I heard markets tend to trade at a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 15 in the long term."
  • Using the PE ratio correctly 26 Aug 2013

    THE table shows excerpts from a Bloomberg screening of 788 stocks traded on the Singapore Exchange.
  • US online cashback website to open regional HQ here 19 Aug 2013

    ONLINE cashback website, based in the United States and owned by Performance Marketing Brands, is the latest to venture into...
  • MAS: Most big borrowers have good incomes 13 Aug 2013

    [SINGAPORE] Most heavy borrowers in Singapore have above-average income levels and, as such, are less likely to default on their loans...
  • POSB/DBS offers cashback service at 7-Eleven 17 Jul 2013

    [SINGAPORE] DBS and POSB customers can now skip long ATM queues, and withdraw up to $80 in cash at 7-Eleven outlets here.
  • Tips on buying and financing a car 15 Jul 2013

    HERE are useful tips if you're thinking about buying a car.
  • S'pore investors holding too much cash: Manulife 04 Jul 2013

    SINGAPORE investors are holding too much cash - as much as 35 months of their personal income, in part because they are worried about...
  • Get a handle on the ebb and flow of money 24 Jun 2013

    LAST week, we looked at how to read and analyse the balance sheet. The balance sheet is an integral part of a company's financial...
  • Cash me if you can 24 Jun 2013

    CASH is king. This adage applies to both investing and running a business. In a financial crisis when assets are valued at extraordinarily...
  • Understanding balance sheets 17 Jun 2013

    LEARNING how to read, understand and analyse financial statements is critical for novice investors. Through the statements, you can...
  • How small businesses can avoid a cash crunch 11 Jun 2013

    A CASH crunch can be one of the most critical points in a company's life cycle - the moment when a supplier demands immediate payment but...
  • Going paperless on finances? 01 Jun 2013

    BOB Ginsberg, a retired production manager for an educational publisher, is worried that he does not know any of the logins and passwords...
  • The value of $1 27 May 2013

    I was walking around the neighbourhood when I noticed something unusual. A new shop had sprung up offering a "closing down sale". A long...
  • Get answers to financial planning questions easily 27 May 2013

    LAST week, we discussed how financial planning is like time travel.
  • The time value of money 20 May 2013

    YOU are having a picnic at Fort Canning Park and stumble across an old oil lamp. Having a Disney-honed instinct for this kind of thing...
  • Knowing CPF, CPF Life and retirement 13 May 2013

    THE two most popular types of life insurance are to protect against dying too soon and living too long. We need both as humans are living...
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