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  • Buying property? Talk to your banker


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  • The importance of writing wills and estate planning

    AN elderly magnate passes and his children mourn together, displaying great solidarity. Fast forward a few months and these adult children make the headlines again - this time though, the siblings...

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  • TDSR hit Singapore buyers harder than foreigners

    [SINGAPORE] The total debt servicing ratio (TDSR) framework seems to have had a bigger impact on private home purchases by Singaporeans than on foreign buyers.

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  • Household debt manageable: Credit Suisse

    SWISS bank Credit Suisse waded into the debate over Singapore's household debt yesterday, taking the side of those who argued that the sharp rise in borrowing over the last five years was not a big...

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  • Affluent prioritise life balance, health

    ACHIEVING greater work-life balance and keeping fit are priorities for high-income earners in Singapore and in markets in the Asia-Pacific and the UAE, a study shows.

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  • Planning the rest of your life

    WHEN thinking about the little question of how to live for the rest of your life, numbers can loom large, especially if you're not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. These cold, hard figures...

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  • StanChart, Tigerair tie up on airline credit card

    [SINGAPORE] Standard Chartered and budget carrier Tigerair have tied up to launch a no-frills airline credit card.

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  • Debt servicing rule dents prices, volumes

    [SINGAPORE] The Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework has made its presence felt, crimping prices and volumes in pocket segments of the private and public residential markets.

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  • Many cardholders unsure of how to activate cards: poll

    EIGHT in 10 Singapore consumers (79 per cent) are aware that they need to activate their debit and credit cards for overseas purchases, but a quarter of them do not know how to do so, a survey has...

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  • Singapore consumers' credit scores improve

    [SINGAPORE] The credit scores of consumers here have improved from a year ago even as they borrowed more, says Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS).

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  • A primer on personal loans

    THERE are two types of personal loans: term loans, and lines of credit. Both are useful, but the structure and pricing are different. Which is better depends on how you intend to use the money.

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  • MAS tightens screws on unsecured credit

    [SINGAPORE] Unsecured credit customers who have two months or more of unsecured credit debt past due will no longer be able to get further credit from banks, under new rules unveiled by the Monetary...

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  • Digging deeper into the PE ratio

    SOME time ago, a friend told me: "I heard markets tend to trade at a price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 15 in the long term."

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  • Using the PE ratio correctly

    THE table shows excerpts from a Bloomberg screening of 788 stocks traded on the Singapore Exchange.

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  • US online cashback website to open regional HQ here

    ONLINE cashback website, based in the United States and owned by Performance Marketing Brands, is the latest to venture into the Asian market.

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  • MAS: Most big borrowers have good incomes

    [SINGAPORE] Most heavy borrowers in Singapore have above-average income levels and, as such, are less likely to default on their loans, said Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) board member...

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  • MAS: household debts worrying; banks sound

    [SINGAPORE] It is the mushrooming debt pile of households, more so than banks' exposure to it, that has driven the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to action.

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  • POSB/DBS offers cashback service at 7-Eleven

    [SINGAPORE] DBS and POSB customers can now skip long ATM queues, and withdraw up to $80 in cash at 7-Eleven outlets here.

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  • Tips on buying and financing a car

    HERE are useful tips if you're thinking about buying a car.

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  • No to bank-developer tie-ups

    [SINGAPORE] The government is clamping down on a common practice where property developers and agents tie up with banks to sell property: it has introduced a wide-ranging rule that will, among...

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Time to review waiting period rule for EC projects

ALTHOUGH the 15-month waiting period for executive condominium (EC) developers was part of the seventh round of cooling measures...

Singapore firms hungriest for customer data

SAY, one fine Sunday afternoon, feeling fatigued, you stroll into a cafe in town, order an espresso, and then proceed to pay for it by...

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