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  • Airportluggagebt151113_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    It can protect you from risks of overseas trips, and save you a huge sum of money

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  • Khookahsiangbt151113_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    HEALTHY sales across all segments delivered the life insurance industry its third consecutive quarter of growth.

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  • Masbt151113_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    AS PART of efforts to build Singapore into a global insurance marketplace, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will promote growth in emerging business lines such as cyber risk.

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  • Petsinsgbt151113_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    Mr Adam Azali has been on the lookout for pet insurance since his year-old cat Baby Laddoo broke its leg in September.

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  • 11moh711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    THE Ministry of Health will consider whether Singaporeans can pay higher health-care premiums when they are younger, so they pay less when they are old and have less earning power.

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  • 12susan711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    DOCTORS have revealed which factors they use to determine the size of their bills, in the wake of the Susan Lim overcharging case.

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  • 14medicine711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    A TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine (TCM) outlet located in a regular polyclinic?

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  • 13lab711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    MORE needy individuals can now qualify for legal aid in civil cases, after rule changes kicked in today.

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  • 15thailand711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    BANGKOK – Thailand is considering regulations to require foreigners to buy travel and health insurance before entering the country.

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  • 17statement711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    AN INTERNATIONAL accounting body has released a set of proposals that aims to make it easier for the public to read the financial statements of insurers and compare them across different markets.

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  • 16cars711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    THE Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS), which represents 83,000 motorists here, has weighed in on the certificate of entitlement (COE) debate.

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  • 18geasten711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    INSURER Great Eastern will introduce a policy next month that pays a monthly income if the client is unable to work in their own occupation due to disability from an illness or injury.

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  • 19agera711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    [SINGAPORE] Supercars may come with super high motor insurance premiums, but these are falling as competition intensifies in a growing market, according to brokers for such cars.

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  • 20funds711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    MOST new entrants into an established market start out by looking at whether they can sell the same product at a cheaper rate.

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  • 22rake711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    INSURANCE players compete so fiercely for talent across Asia that it is often characterised as a “war for talent”. But Jonathan Rake, chief executive officer of the Singapore branch of Zurich...

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  • 21sghealth711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    SINGAPORE’S health- care system has come under the spotlight again.

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  • 23sghealth711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    A decade ago, I had an experience that left me profoundly grateful to Singapore’s health-care system. During a work trip to the island state, I was suddenly taken ill and succumbed to a rare...

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  • 24tokyo711_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    LIFE insurers are tweaking the examples they show to consumers interested in buying certain life insurance policies.

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  • 01a37486_top_story_thumbnail

    [WASHINGTON] With heathcare reform "Obamacare" five months from show time, Democrats are worried about whether enough Americans will sign up to make the sweeping healthcare overhaul a success.

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  • 1shipping1_2x_top_story_thumbnail

    [SINGAPORE] Marine insurance here is growing in lock step with Singapore’s growing number of shipping companies and ancillary marine service providers.

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Reining in unethical insurance practices

SINGAPORE’S commission-based system for insurance agents has often been cited as the main cause of unethical selling of insurance...

MediShield Life: Panel to examine key issues

A panel of health-care, finance and insurance professionals as well as trade unionists and grassroots members will examine the key issues...

Life insurers see third straight quarter of growth

HEALTHY sales across all segments delivered the life insurance industry its third consecutive quarter of growth.

Judge rejects car crash settlement, calls in AGC

A HIGH Court judge refused to accept a settlement mutually agreed on by two motorists in a road accident, and instead referred the case to...

OCBC’s mortgage insurance arm sees surge in business

OCBC’s mortgage insurance business has recorded a more than 60 per cent increase in the number of new policies issued in the first nine...

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