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  • Allianz lead reinsurer to AirAsia QZ8501


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  • Should you cancel your Integrated Shield Plans?

    MY client Ms Tan recently asked me if she should terminate her father's private Integrated Shield Plan (IP) with Aviva, after reading some newspaper reports on MediShield Life which is expected to...

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  •  ‘No tax rise planned’ for subsidies on MediShield

    ALTHOUGH the payouts from MediShield Life will be more than the current scheme, the proposed mandatory medical insurance will be both sustainable and affordable over the long term, Health Minister...

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  • Slow progress on insurance reform

    A KEY reform that will let consumers buy basic insurance products directly instead of having to use an agent looks likely to be delayed.

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  • War-risk insurance market caught out

    [KUALA LUMPUR] Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) two crashes in less than five months are sending tremors through the aviation insurance market – not least because the carrier’s US$2.25 billion overall...

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  •  Singapore's fund industry grows assets under management 11.8%

    SINGAPORE'S fund industry last year grew assets under management (AUM) 11.8 per cent to S$1.82 trillion from S$1.63 trillion in 2012, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said on Thursday.

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  • Get travel cover for peace of mind / Check benefits and level of coverage given

    It can protect you from risks of overseas trips, and save you a huge sum of money

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  • Life insurers see third straight quarter of growth

    HEALTHY sales across all segments delivered the life insurance industry its third consecutive quarter of growth.

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  • MAS to promote emerging cyber insurance business

    AS PART of efforts to build Singapore into a global insurance marketplace, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will promote growth in emerging business lines such as cyber risk.

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  • Wanted: Insurance for pets

    Mr Adam Azali has been on the lookout for pet insurance since his year-old cat Baby Laddoo broke its leg in September.

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  • Health-care premiums: MOH to study suggestion on payment

    THE Ministry of Health will consider whether Singaporeans can pay higher health-care premiums when they are younger, so they pay less when they are old and have less earning power.

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  • Doctor’s charges: How high is too high?

    DOCTORS have revealed which factors they use to determine the size of their bills, in the wake of the Susan Lim overcharging case.

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  • TCM, health-care costs among key issues

    A TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine (TCM) outlet located in a regular polyclinic?

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  • Changes to legal aid rules from today

    MORE needy individuals can now qualify for legal aid in civil cases, after rule changes kicked in today.

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  • Insurance fee for visitors to Thailand?

    BANGKOK – Thailand is considering regulations to require foreigners to buy travel and health insurance before entering the country.

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  • Proposals to simplify insurers’ financial statements for public

    AN INTERNATIONAL accounting body has released a set of proposals that aims to make it easier for the public to read the financial statements of insurers and compare them across different markets.

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  • AAS calls for thorough COE review

    THE Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS), which represents 83,000 motorists here, has weighed in on the certificate of entitlement (COE) debate.

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  • GE launching disability plan with monthly income

    INSURER Great Eastern will introduce a policy next month that pays a monthly income if the client is unable to work in their own occupation due to disability from an illness or injury.

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  • Insurance premiums for supercars falling

    [SINGAPORE] Supercars may come with super high motor insurance premiums, but these are falling as competition intensifies in a growing market, according to brokers for such cars.

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  • The ‘price war’ that never took off

    MOST new entrants into an established market start out by looking at whether they can sell the same product at a cheaper rate.

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us treasury

US pension funds playing bigger role in reinsurance

BILLIONS of dollars from pension funds and other non-traditional players have been moving into the reinsurance business in recent years...

OCBC offers first pure maternity protection plan

TO address the needs of new parents, OCBC Bank has birthed Singapore's first pure maternity protection plan, MaxMaternity Care, that is... Should you cancel your Integrated Shield Plans?

Should you cancel your Integrated Shield Plans?

MY client Ms Tan recently asked me if she should terminate her father's private Integrated Shield Plan (IP) with Aviva, after reading some...  Judge rejects car crash settlement, calls in AGC

Judge rejects car crash settlement, calls in AGC

A HIGH Court judge refused to accept a settlement mutually agreed on by two motorists in a road accident, and instead referred the case to... OCBC’s mortgage insurance arm sees surge in business

OCBC’s mortgage insurance arm sees surge in business

OCBC’s mortgage insurance business has recorded a more than 60 per cent increase in the number of new policies issued in the first nine...

Allianz lead reinsurer to AirAsia QZ8501

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